Comprehensive Retirement Education Program
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Unfortunately, most people will spend more time planning their vacations than planning for their financial futures. This can be a recipe for disaster.
During this comprehensive retirement planning video course, you'll learn how to:
  • Avoid the 10 biggest retirement planning mistakes.
  •  Determine how much money you’ll need to retire.
  •  Implement strategies to ensure your money lasts.
  •  Diversify your investments to seek maximum return potential.
  •  Minimize volatility in your investment strategy.
  •  Use 401(k)s and IRAs to reduce your current income taxes and save for retirement.
  •  Mitigate the increasing costs of healthcare and long-term care.
  •  Customize your estate plan according to your wishes.
  •  Select the retirement plan distribution choice that is right for you.
  •  Use new tax laws to your advantage.
  •  Get the most out of your social security benefits.

These information-packed video lessons are taught using interesting examples that can be watched in the comfort of your own home.
Unlike financial seminars that focus on a specific topic, this comprehensive course helps you to see the “big picture”. It examines many aspects of personal finance and how they can work together to create an integrated retirement plan.
What Is Included For $29
  •  Comprehensive Education. You’ll be instructed on 5 areas of retirement planning over the course of 6 hours. We’ll start off by covering the basics before moving into advanced strategies for maximizing your wealth.
  •  Workbook. The colorful 180 page workbook contains the content covered in class along with practical exercises and examples to help you learn and remember everything covered in the class.
  •  Optional Planning Consultation. You are entitled to an optional strategy session phone call after the conclusion of the video course. This is your opportunity to ask specific questions regarding your financial future and goals.
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